Announcing: Kiddo–tailored selections for baby stuff


I’ve been working on a simple little web app to help new parents make smart product decisions.

Kiddo helps you find stuff that fits your baby. Diapers, toys, feeding supplies and more — all based on their height, weight, and birthday.

I’m really looking forward to getting this into users’ hands and getting to work on improving it based on real user feedback.

The idea for Kiddo started with a spreadsheet I started building before Owen was born. When you are expecting a child, you’re inundated with advice (most is helpful and well-intentioned) about what to buy.

I realized it didn’t make sense to buy a lot of these items immediately (at the time we were living in a small apartment); instead we should take a just-in-time approach. Many product decisions are parameter-driven: your baby’s age, height, and weight determine when you move on to the next diaper size, when to move from an infant carrier to a convertible car seat, etc.

As we made our shopping list, I noted the constraints: minimum and maximums for age, height, weight. This turned into a tab in our shopping list called “the decider”; it told me when to buy what:


It was a pretty short leap of the imagination to determine that such a list would be helpful to others. One friend in particular, Sharon, at the time a new mother with twins, was quite vocal about the utility of such an app.

Kiddo is extremely simple — you don’t even need an account to use it. Just enter your child’s birthday, height, and weight. Kiddo returns a list of products, by category that claim to fit your child. If your child exceeds 75% of the recommended age, height, or weight of a given product, it is color-coded yellow; over 90% is red.

When you come back to Kiddo on the same device, it remembers your child’s information from your previous visit.


Please give Kiddo a try–even if you don’t have kids. I would love to hear your feedback. If I’m missing products, there’s a link at the bottom of the page to make suggestions.

I really do want to get this into the hands of as many new parents as possible. If you can think of someone who is expecting, or know someone who might find it helpful. Please share the link with them and tell them I am eager for real-world feedback.

If you don’t know someone to share it with, please consider using the pin/share/like buttons at the bottom of the page.


3 thoughts on “Announcing: Kiddo–tailored selections for baby stuff

  1. Allison

    Very interesting idea and would have been nice to have when the kiddos were smaller! A couple of thoughts/observations…
    1) It would be nice to have a way to save data for multiple kids, so I can just click on the kid and bring their info back up.
    2) When I tried to use it in IE I was unable to click “update” and get results (I know, who uses IE anymore??) Worked fine on my iPhone.
    3) I did get a couple of questionable results (e.g. Sophie the giraffe for my 5 year old?? Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat was highlighted yellow for the fictional 2 month old/23 in/10lb 4oz baby I entered…I think that should be a good fit)
    Good luck!!

    1. Geoff Post author

      Allison: thanks so much for the feedback! On the specific products you mentioned:

      – Sophie has a max-weight of 60 lbs. (strange), but no maximum age; perhaps some editorial discretion is appropriate here. Would you say Sophie would stop being interesting at 18 months?
      – The KeyFit 30 is rated for a child up to 30 inches; at 23 inches you’re above the 75% threshold. Perhaps 80% is a better cut-off?

      As for multiple kids; that’s how I originally built the app. I think it’s worth revisiting after we get more feedback.

      Thanks again!!


  2. Elizabeth

    I agree it would have been neat when my boys were much littler. Both of them would be grossly offended at the results that they should fit into ANY diaper. Aidan angrily threw an offensive, days of old diaper in the hallway a few months ago because that sort of baby item had no place in his room. However, if they were in diapers, I believe the sizes kiddo found would be correct.


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