Maker for Mommy: 3d printed pumping helper

My favorite projects (by far) are those that solve a problem for a friend. The more frequent the problem and the more specific the solution the better. So I was thrilled when a good friend and new mother reached out for a solution that would make here daily pumping regimen go a little easier.

2013-01-22 20.16.20

My friend was having difficulty wrangling multiple bottles while pumping and wanted a simple solution to keep her bottles safe from tipping.

That was the whole brief. While I did not have access to the bottles in questions (request via text and I wasn’t waiting to get started!), someone had posted another bottle tool on Thingiverse for the same brand of bottle (Medela). I was able to determine the bottle diameter from the .stl file and I visually guessed a reasonable height.

I was able to whip up a three-bottle version in TinkerCad pretty easily and the simple design printed in a single piece. When my friend came over to test a bottle the fit was good but we decided to increase the number of chambers for stability and flexibility.

wheeler filler five

The solution seemed effective enough that I soon received a request for a two bottle-version for pumping on the go (in the car, that is). I measured the inner dimensions of the center console of a PriusV and modified the based design to add a small lip to catch any spills and make it easier to retrieve from an elevated angle.

wheelerfiller mobile

As a side bonus, the mobile base with its rounded corners and up-turned edges will likely be a flexible, scalable element in a number of upcoming projects (e.g. a “landing pad” for pocket stuff: phone, keys, etc.).

If you have any use for a Medela bottle holder, I’ve uploaded the designed to Thingiverse. Each model should print easily in one piece. You can use a large layer height (0.27mm worked for me), but I do recommend adding shells (e.g. 4) to ensure the chamber walls don’t snap (this happened on an early, thinner prototype).

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