Landing Pad v1: Starting Simple

Despite being a pretty messy person, I’m a big fan of the everything-in-its place ideal represented by “landing pads”.

Landing pads are those nifty, little trays people use to collect pocket stuff (e.g. keys, wallet, phone, etc.). Throw in custom elements for specific items and you get something like a Lean/5S for your personal life.

Having seen a variety of intriguing landing pads on Pinterest (like this and this). I decided to take a stab at making one of my own:

2013-01-24 15.06.36

I wanted to strike a balance between having a few custom elements while keeping the design simple:

  • I started with the basic tray design I developed for the WheelerFiller Mobile; the upturned edges seemed to provide just enough support to stop small items from falling off
  • I added an integrated dock for my iPhone 4s, borrowing heavily from a popular design on Thingiverse (albeit with a slight tweak to make the cable integration a little easier)
  • Lastly I added the little “twig” next to the dock with the idea that it could be used for a wedding band and/or small key-ring

2013-01-24 15.07.12

While this was an interesting exercise in product design, I am sure there will be many subsequent revisions:

  • Rounded design was fine, I want to try a more angular aesthetic next
  • The tray is a little on the small side even though it looks pretty big while printing
  • I think you could segment off areas to add an implicit organization without adding too much clutter, simply by paying attention to where you place elements

Feel free to download, print, tweak, or offer feedback:


PS: I think it would look extra spiffy with one of these.

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